亲爱的全球神墨学员:Dear global Shenmo students,你们好!Greetings!时光飞逝,不知不觉间,又迎来了你们的专属节日——六一儿童节。T


Dear global Shenmo students,






Time flies, and before we know it, we have welcomed your special festival - International Children's Day.



On this joyful day, all the Shenmo teachers and I send you our sincerest love and blessings, wishing you endless joy and happiness every day!



It is a precious pleasure for me to connect with you in this way every June 1st. In recent years, we have witnessed the rapid development of science and technology and the daily advancements in artificial intelligence. In this fast-paced world and amidst the flood of information, how to maintain inner peace and vitality, and how to find the direction for self-improvement, are challenges that you, your parents, and all of us need to face.



All the Shenmo teachers and I are deeply concerned about your spiritual growth, mental development, and inner happiness. We hope to provide you with high-quality Mindful Wisdom Education to support your joyful growth and add vibrant colors to your wonderful childhood. We wish that every day at Shenmo, you will find peace of mind, concentration, and continuous growth, and that you will be able to create your own beautiful inner space in the busy and noisy social environment.



We also hope that every day at Shenmo, you are not only exploring the boundaries of knowledge and enriching your mind, but also connecting with the long history of Chinese culture through what you see, hear, think, and learn. You can explore the rich history of over 1,800 years of abacus math, appreciating the crystallized wisdom of the ancient Chinese people. You can express the broad and inclusive spirit of Chinese civilization through your pen, using colorful brushes to depict the stunning landscapes of China. You can convey emotions and aspirations through songs, expressing your profound love and admiration for the magnificent Chinese culture and its splendid heritage. It is our shared aspiration to pass down and promote the intangible cultural heritage and traditional culture of China, becoming both inheritors and practitioners of the Chinese cultural spirit.



Nowadays, the teachers at Shenmo and I also hope to bring more wisdom courses with traditional Chinese culture to you. Perhaps in the near future, you will be able to experience the 4,000-year-old Chinese game of Weiqi at Shenmo, learn about the philosophical ingenuity inherent in Chinese characters, and better cultivate yourselves and build up your moral character, all while practicing virtue and wisdom in traditional Chinese culture.



Shenmo is a big, happy family. Your parents, just like you, are on their Shenmo learning journey through Shenmo's salon lectures and wisdom classes. They share with each other every bit of their lives with you, learning how to better understand, respect, and trust you, how to give you more love and warmth, and how to grow together with you and making continuous progress.



Looking back, during the 26 years of Shenmo's joyful companionship with you, all the Shenmo teachers and I are overjoyed to have witnessed your happy childhood, your healthy growth, and your shining and blossoming life. Looking to the future, we hope to use our infinite love and care to continue to create a pure land for you to grow up with peace of mind and a paradise full of wisdom.



On this warm and special day, I wish you a happy holiday once again. May you always be surrounded by love, grow strong, and move forward happily on the journey of life full of unknowns; may your hearts always be full of sunshine and hope; and may your future be more beautiful, splendid, and bright!







Your "big friend"

Li Mianjun

June 1, 2024

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