海内外所有神墨同仁:Dear Shenmo colleagues:大家好!Greetings to you all!今天是神墨创办25周年纪念日。在这个特别的日子里,我们


Dear Shenmo colleagues:


Greetings to you all!


Today is the 25th anniversary of Shenmo. On this special day, we would like to express our gratitude to the experts, advisors and people from all walks of life who have shown their concern and guidance to the development of Shenmo, and to the parents of students from home and abroad who have placed their trust and confidence in us. As we celebrate this milestone, we are reminded that no matter how time flies, our hearts remain united by education, and the light of love will forever illuminate the path we journey together.


Last year, during our anniversary celebration, we looked back on the 24 years of Shenmo’s history of “startup, development, standardization, guidance, leading and self-consciousness” and celebrated the fruitful results we have achieved together. As we enter the opening year of Shenmo 3.0 era in 2023, we embark on a new journey of high-quality development and growth with renewed determination.


Over the past half-year, while facing external challenges and uncertainties, we have moved forward with an unwavering startup mentality. I often refer to the opening words of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” - “The art of war is of vital importance to the state. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.” For Shenmo Development, strategic positioning is just as important as the art of war. Only by looking at development from a strategic level can we surpass obstacles and uncertainties. With our differentiated development positioning and systematic strategic planning, Shenmo has a clear direction for the next twelve years.


In the 3.0 era, Shenmo will focus on mental education, solving social pain points and empowering individuals to progress. We will highlight the differentiation and quality of our brand positioning through cultural precipitation and educational philosophy. Mental education aligns with the essence of education, returning to education’s original purpose. It nurtures the soul through enlightenment, bringing out the best in individuals. It’s s an effort to reverse the utilitarian trend in education and a steadfast ideal for Shenmo people committed to their profession.



In the 3.0 era, Shenmo Bright Star Public Welfare Program will help hundreds of millions of families to enlighten their mind and help parents and children to bloom together through various parental wisdom salons. With these salons, we can establish deeper links with more parents, earning their trust and loyalty.



In the 3.0 era, Shenmo’s brand connotation will continue to manifest and the brand influence will continue to strengthen. Trust, love and respect are our brand ideals. Under the premise of standardization and high-quality development, Shenmo people will achieve a strong brand of mental education with integrity, wisdom and vitality, and win more trust, love and respect from parents and society.



In the 3.0 era, Shenmo will combine its two long-range objectives to start new development and achieve new leaps. By 2030, Shenmo elite schools will achieve the goal of 1% high-quality development, and by 2035, all domestic Shenmo schools will complete the 1% high-quality development plan. At the same time, the “Thousand Schools in Thousand Towns” Plan and the “Collective Schools Development” Plan, as core strategic initiatives, will contribute to the steady development of Shenmo schools at all levels.



In the 3.0 era, Shenmo has entered a new stage of international development, opening a new chapter of overseas promotion of mental abacus math education through in-depth cooperation with “Beijing Huayu Time” and universities and colleges. Combined with important events such as “Foreign Cultural Trade” Talent Selection Competition for International Students in China, Shenmo TOT strategy will bring more international students back to their home countries to start their own business, fulfilling Shenmo’s vision of shining around the globe.



In the 3.0 era, with the launch of Shenmo’s “Three-Part Harmony” Course, we will systematically build the all-age education curriculum covering different age groups. As we develop mental education and promote Chinese culture, brands such as Zhengmo, Qingmo, Hemo, and Shenmo Academy will be established one after another. Aligning with group development, Shenmo’s social influence and responsibility will continue to enhance.



In the 3.0 era, the growth path of Shenmo people has become clearer, moving from living to life, from pleasing the spirit to settling the mind. The “Life Success Plan”, the “Sun Plan” and the “Three-Part Harmony” course for females will lead Shenmo people to discover their true hearts and see their original true nature. It is our common growth direction and life pursuit to become experts in mental education, achieving balanced development in our career, family, and self-growth.



As a Chinese proverb goes, “Only friendships built on sincerity can last long.” The same is true for education. Only when we treat each other sincerely can the cause of education develop healthily and sustainably. In the 3.0 era, we will not only continue the heart-to-heart fellowship within the Shenmo family but also open a new era of heart-to-heart fellowship between Shenmo and all parents.



To journey far and steady, listen to your heart with ready. Let’s join hands and forge ahead, following the path of righteousness, and create a bright and beautiful future together.




Li Mianjun in Beijing, China

June 18, 2023

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