海内外神墨老师及所有神墨同仁:Dear Shenmo teachers and colleagues,大家好!Greetings to you all!今天是第三十八个教师节,也是
Dear Shenmo teachers and colleagues,
Greetings to you all!
Today is the 38th Teacher's Day as well as the Mid-autumn Day, a traditional festival of China. On the occasion of celebrating the two festivals, I would like to extend my sincere blessings to all Shenmo teachers and Shenmo people at home and abroad.
On this special day, my mind has gone back to 24 years ago. At that time, I was 24 years old. Like every young Shenmo teacher, I stood on the podium of the abacus mental math class, facing pairs of curious eyes. I still remember my excitement at that moment. 24 years later, the times and Shenmo have changed dramatically. What makes us proud is that to this day, we are still sticking to our original intention and mission, with love for education cause in our heart, and we are still forging ahead on the road of being a teacher.
Tao Xingzhi, a famous Chinese educator, once said: "The genuine education is the communion of heart with heart. Only when it comes out of one's heart can it reach the other one's heart." In the 24 years of education practice, we have never stopped seeking the truth and pursuing advancement, and we have deeply realized the profound meaning of Mr. Tao's words. Education is a process of one life influencing another life and one soul awakening another soul. The teacher culture is the foundation and core of Shenmo culture. In Shenmo, each teacher has ordinary but touching experience, and each student is a unique shining star. Daily teaching and getting along with children are our best practice of the mission of "helping People Progress".
It takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men. Time is a faithful chronicler and witness. The year 2022 has witnessed the 24th anniversary of Shenmo and the beginning of Shenmo 3.0 Era. In the future, we need to remember our original aspiration more than ever.
We should always revere education and keep ourselves with the original intention of education. "Peaches and plums do not talk, yet a path is formed beneath them." We will make it our unwavering pursuit to educate and benefit others with enthusiasm and love; follow the educational concept of equality, respect, trust, appreciation, attention and encouragement; and bring education back to its essence and origin.
We should always focus on growth and keep ourselves with the original intention of growth. In 3.0 era, Shenmo will constantly upgrade its courses, and it is even more necessary for us to promote self-growth with professional improvement and to achieve our educational dreams with true skills and genuine knowledge. On the road ahead, let's make progress together and surpass ourselves unremittingly, and achieve balanced development of our career, family and self-growth.
We should always stick to our mission and keep ourselves with the original intention of helping others. For student parents, cooperative partners and people around us, we will get along with them with our love and empathy and give them warmth, strength, help and wisdom. In Shenmo, we make progress together. This is the tacit understanding between Shenmo people, and it is also what we want to express to children, parents and all partners.
We should always care about our families and the country and keep ourselves with the original intention of dedication. Education is the very foundation for building stronger China. As educators, we should shoulder our responsibility to serve the country through education. In 3.0 era, Shenmo will pay more attention to corporate responsibility and public welfare undertakings. Let's make our lives more wonderful through dedication and altruism.
Let's hold fast to the initial aspiration and look to the future. Educating is a process of waiting for flowers to bloom. The root may be bitter, but the fruit must be sweet. We deeply believe that if we do what we should do in March and April, we will definitely gain our own harvest in August and September. May all teachers have flowers in their hearts, oceans of stars in their eyes, and accompany every child to grow up happily. Let's work together to achieve extraordinary success with perseverance. May we all become a better self.
As an ancient Chinese poem reads, “Green hills immerse in the same cloud and rain. The same moon lights up towns however far away.” No matter where you are, the hearts of Shenmo people will always be together. Last but not least, I would like to send my sincere wishes to all Shenmo people at home and abroad once again. Happy Teachers' Day! Happy Mid-Autumn Day! Wish you a happy family and all the best!
Li Mianjun
September 10, 2022
Beijing, China
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